The Best Fidget Toys stores for Kids of All Ages

Fidget toys can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Be it fidget spinners, cubes, rings, or other compact gadgets – we’ve got you covered.Our favorite right now: the anti-Anxiety cube for $11.77.It’s only 2 inches big but provides endless fidgeting possibilities. You can customize each side by removing the pegs and inserting them in different locations (as seen in the video below). This is such an awesome gift idea for kids of all ages 12-99. Worry stones are another great option.

Here are the Best Fidget Toys stores for Kids of All Ages:

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The biggest selection of fidgets is available at Amazon, including some unique ones like the cube above. If you click on “see all results” at the bottom of any fidget toy search (on desktop), it will open a drop-down with even more options.


Walmart has an awesome collection of top-selling fidget spinners, but they also have some other great items like this Fidget Cube ($11) which comes with gears, switches, and buttons to keep your fingers busy throughout the day.


Target has one of the best selections around. They carry every popular fidget spinner design, but they also have tons of other options including the below fidget cubes.


Etsy has the most unique handmade fidget toys. They are one-of-a-kind “gadgets” that you can get for your kids or yourself. This is my favorite store for fidget toys – I just bought one of these awesome puzzle Fidget Cube Necklaces for myself.

Bed Bath & Beyond

While they don’t have as many options as some other stores on this list, BB&B does offer some exclusive fidgets that you can only get there. These are worth checking out, especially if you have a local store near you. For example, the below-stress ball looks so cool.


Kohls also has their line of fidget spinners called “Chill Out Fidgets Spinners” with designs like rings, cubes, and more. They usually retail for around $4 each which is an awesome deal. You can find them in-store or online.


FidgetFrenzy has the largest collection of unique fidget gadgets that I’ve seen on Etsy so far, with tons of options for both kids and adults. These are some of the best items I’ve found for under $20 including rings, cubes, spinners, etc. They also have their line of hand spinner necklaces which are cool.

Learning Express Stores

The Learning Express is a nationwide franchise with over two hundred stores across 34 different states. They offer unique fidget toys for kids and adults, all of which are very affordable. This awesome ring below has seven different sides to keep your fingers busy. I found it here for only $3.99.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the Best Fidget Toys Stores for Kids of All Ages. If we missed any, please let us know in the comments. And if you buy anything online after clicking our links, it helps support our website at no extra cost to you.

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