Developmental Toys That Help Kids Grow and Learn

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Developmental toys aren’t just the stuff of infants and toddlers; you’ll find them in your local toy store, homeschooling catalog, home party sales catalogs (yes, they’re still around) or on Amazon. They are also referred to as Montessori or Waldorf toys because of their origins in these educational philosophies. What makes developmental toys different from other types of playthings? A developmental toy is one that helps children grow and learn, so they aren’t meant to be used for entertainment only.

Here’s are some of good developmental toys That Help Kids Grow and Learn:

A cake shaped like a dog


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These are not just bath toys but sensory learning tools that help kids build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and tactile awareness through play. Orbeez come in a variety of colors and sizes, but they get their name from the fact that they are roughly the size of a pearl. Kids will love to explore and play with these water-absorbing beads, which can be used in sensory tables, water tables and even inside of sandboxes.


Colorful and extremely tactile, Magna-Tiles make great building toys for kids who like to stack, build structures and create new shapes all on their own. This is a toy that’s not only fun for kids to use but also helps them develop spatial awareness skills that can come into play when it comes time for children to learn math concepts such as geometry. In addition to helping teach basic math skills, Magna-Tiles are also appropriate for use in Montessori-style learning centers.

Slinky Dog

If your kid loves “Toy Story”, Slinky Dog will be one of the most beloved toys he or she owns. This flexible, durable slinky has a unique S-shape that makes it fun to play with both inside and outside. Kids can bend the Slinky Dog into different shapes or wrap him around their arms to make him look like an octopus.The possibilities are endless, which is why this toy is perfect for developing motor skills , problem solving skills and creativity . Your kids will love playing with this toy either alone or with friends, so it’s great for encouraging social development as well.

Kitchen Set

Kitchen set is a must have for any child who loves to play house, cook or just pretend. Lots of kids gravitate toward this type of toy and it’s perfect for months when you’re looking for ways to encourage imaginative play. With an array of realistic-looking plastic food and appliances (including stove tops and microwaves), your child will love making “meals,” entertaining guests and even hosting tea parties.This is also a great toy to use in learning centers during homeschooling lessons because it encourages the development of language skills, problem solving skills and helps children learn about nutrition . It can also help teach counting , ABCs and shapes.


This building of toys from K’Nex is a great way to introduce a child who loves legos to even more ways of building and creating. This system allows your kids to build anything from vehicles, to roller coasters and spinning rides that will keep them entertained for hours on end! In addition to encouraging creativity , K’Nex also helps children develop many important skills such as motor skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination . Pre-reading skills can also be developed through this toy by introducing kids to words like “compare” and “different.”


Developmental toys for children aren’t just fun and educational; they’re an investment in the future. They encourage open-ended play that can help stimulate imagination and creativity, as well as promote problem solving skills. The best developmental toys let children learn new skills at their own pace while playing in a safe environment (which is why we recommend choosing only age appropriate toys). A great way to find quality development toys is buying from trusted brands like Orbeez , K’Nex,Kitchen Set,Slinky Dog,Magna-Tiles etc.

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